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  • Support for Sphinx versions 6.x and 7.x

  • Support for docutils <=0.20


  • The HTML4 writer is now officially deprecated. An error will be thrown if your project configuration still uses the HTML4 writer.

  • Support for Sphinx versions < 5.0 was removed.

  • In addition, our supported dependencies will match the dependencies from our lowest supported Sphinx release, version 5.0: Python >= 3.6 and docutils > 0.14 and < 0.19



  • Relaxed requirements to include Sphinx release 7.0



  • Require sphinxcontrib-jquery>=4,<5 (#1446)


  • Styling for :menuselection: (#1426)



  • Load jQuery correctly when using latest sphinxcontrib-jquery release (#1448)


Dependency changes

  • docutils 0.18 is supported. (#1381)

  • Sphinx 6 support added

  • Added sphinxcontrib-jquery as a dependency (#1385 #1421)

  • Python 3.11 is officially supported and tested. (#1395)

  • Python 3.4 and 3.5 are officially not supported (#1395)


  • Automatically use sphinxcontrib-jquery in Sphinx 6+ (#1399)

  • Use new context vars logo_url, favicon_url and root_doc when available (#1405)

  • Translations updated: French, Hungarian, Croatian

  • Translations added: Danish, Chinese (Taiwan)

Note for users of Sphinx<4

If you cannot use a more recent Sphinx release, you should at least ensure you are using the most recent release for your major version. Currently, these are Sphinx 1.8.6 and 2.4.5. Older releases may install unsupported versions of several dependencies, including Jinja2 and docutils.

Known issues

In some cases, jQuery is not loaded with Sphinx 6 on Read the Docs. Workaround: You need to add sphinx_rtd_theme to extensions in your See issue #9654 for updates.



  • Fix wrapping bug on cross references (#1368)


Dependency Changes

Many documentation projects depend on sphinx-rtd-theme without specifying a version of the theme (unpinned) while also depending on unpinned versions of Sphinx. The latest version of sphinx-rtd-theme ideally always supports the latest version of Sphinx, but this is now guaranteed.

This release adds upper bounds to direct dependencies Sphinx and docutils which will safeguard from mixing with possibly incompatible future versions of Sphinx & docutils.

  • Sphinx versions supported: 1.6 to 5.2.x

  • Sphinx<6 (#1332)

  • docutils<0.18 (unchanged, but will be bumped in an upcoming release)


  • Nicer styles for <kbd> (#967)

  • New styling for breadcrumbs (#1073)


  • Suffixes in Sphinx version caused build errors (#1345)

  • Table cells with multiple paragraphs gets wrong formatting (#289)

  • Definition lists rendered wrongly in api docs (#1052)

  • Citation not styled properly (#1078)

  • Long URLs did not wrap (#1193)

Minor Changes

  • Sphinx 5.2 added to test matrix (#1348)

  • Python 3.10 added to test matrix (#1334)

  • Supplemental Docker setup for development (#1319)

  • Most of migrated to setup.cfg (#1116)

  • Jinja2 context variable sphinx_version_info is now (major, minor, -1), the patch component is always -1. Reason: It’s complicated. (#1345)

Incompatible Changes

There are no known incompatible changes in this release. Support for docutils versions 0.18 and 0.19 are scheduled for our next release.


Incompatible Changes

  • The minimum supported python version is now 2.7 or 3.4 and greater (#1093)

  • The minimum supported Sphinx version is now 1.6 (#1091)


  • Support for Sphinx’s HTML4 writer is deprecated and will be removed in version 2.0 (#1091)


  • Add support for Sphinx 4.x (#1123)

  • Add support for Docutils 0.17 (#1185 and #1199)

  • Fixed logo scaling on IE11 (#1183)

  • Added support for logos as URLs (#1171)

  • Align top and side navigation background colors on mobile (#1132)

  • Added support for deep toc levels (#1089)

  • Updated translations for Chinese, Dutch, Estonian, French, German, Italian, Lithuanian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish locales

A number of accessibility features were added in this release:

  • Allow keyboard to toggle menu expansion (#1167)

  • Allow keyboard to activate permalink (#1162)

  • Show keyboard focus on buttons (#1161)

  • Maintain aria-expanded along with .current in menu (#1151)

  • Respect tab order for prev/next buttons (#1051)


  • Updated Google analytics integration (#1129)

  • Add classifier separation on Sphinx 2+ HTML4 writer (#1192)

  • Added missing space char in footer (#1188)

  • Fix navigation right padding on level2+ elements (#1068)

  • Fix navigation expansion button sizes (#1067)

  • Wrap inline literals (#1050)

  • Fix aria labels (#1056)

  • Don’t toggle navigation terminal nodes (#1049)

  • Fix <pre> overflow (#1220)

  • Fix literal/ref style inside <dl> (#1088)

Other Changes

  • Update npm development dependencies (#1096)

  • Don’t require npm to build from source (#1039)

  • Use regular toctree instead of toc for singlehtml builder (#507)

  • Cleanup whitespace in templates (#1060)



April 5, 2021


This commit will not be in master, but was branched directly off 0.5.1 to minimize issues. The next full release will contain all PR’s previously merged.

  • Depend on docutils < 0.17 (#1113)



January 4, 2021


  • Set url_root properly on index (#1025)

  • Do not load language_data.js in non-search pages (#1021)

  • Hide the search box on any singlehtml like builder (#975)

  • Fix vcs_pageview_mode template parameter (#1010)

  • Mark nex/prev icons as aria-hidden (#1007)

  • Use well-formed XML syntax (#1006)

  • Footer: show both commit and last_updated if available (#897)

  • Search page: don’t show “edit on” links (#935)

New Features

  • New theme option to enable anonymous ip addresses when using Google Analytics (#889)

Other Changes

  • The canonical_url option was deprecated in favor of Sphinx’s html_baseurl (#1003)

  • Add contentinfo block to footer.html template (#896)

  • Make Copyright template match sphinx’s basic (#933)

  • Packaging: include bin/preinstall.js (#1005)



Jun 17, 2020


  • Fix bullet list spacing to respect simple/complex list styles



June 5, 2020


  • Fix issue with simple definition lists that was missed

  • Change FOUT back to FOIT

  • Fix several margin issues with lists, nested lists, and nested content

  • Add colon back to field lists



May 6, 2020


  • Fix many styling issues that look different when using the Sphinx HTML5 writer

Other Changes

  • Add the navigation template block around the navigation area.

  • Added i18n support using Babel

  • Added translations for 10 new languages

  • Moved build system from Grunt and friends to Webpack

  • Remove Modernizr, but keep html5shiv (#724, #525)



Feb 12, 2019

New Features


  • Fix scrolling to active item in sidebar on load (#214)

  • Style caption link for code and literal blocks

  • Fix inconsistent font size and line height for autodoc “raises” and “returns” (#267)

  • Fix last_updated notice appearing in same line as copyright notice (#704)

Other Changes



Oct 5, 2018

New Features


  • Set base font size on <html> (#668)

  • Fix HTML search not working with Sphinx-1.8 (#672)

Other Changes

  • Upload signed packages to PyPI with twine (#651)

  • Do not enforce period at the end of copyright statement (666)



July 27, 2018

New Features


  • Line height adjustments for Liberation Mono (#656)

Other Changes

  • Add Sphinx as a dependency


This version made some changes to how JS and CSS were included when the theme is used on Read the Docs.

New Features


  • Do not rely on for CSS/JS (#614)

  • Color accessibility improvements on the left navigation

Other Changes

  • Write theme version and build date at top of JavaScript and CSS

  • Changed code and literals to use a native font stack (#612)

  • Fix small styling issues



  • Revert part of #576 causing display issues with version selector menu

  • Backwards compatibility fixes for pre-0.3.0 releases (#623)

  • Fix mkdocs version selector (#622)

  • Add open list spacing (#591)

  • Fix table centering (#599)


Note: this version resulted in some JavaScript incompatibilities when used on

New Features

  • Add html language attribute

  • Allow setting ‘rel’ and ‘title’ attributes for stylesheets (#551)

  • Add option to style external links

  • Add github, gitlab, bitbucket page arguments option

  • Add pygments support

  • Add setuptools entry point allowing to use sphinx_rtd_theme as Sphinx html_theme directly.

  • Add language to the JS output variable


  • Fix some HTML warnings and errors

  • Fix many styling issues

  • Fix many sidebar glitches

  • Fix line number spacing to align with the code lines

  • Hide Edit links on auto created pages

  • Include missing font files with the theme

Other Changes

  • Significant improvement of our documentation

  • Compress our Javascript files

  • Updated dependencies


  • Yet another patch to deal with extra builders outside Spinx, such as the singlehtml builders from the Read the Docs Sphinx extension


  • Temporarily patch Sphinx issue with singlehtml builder by inspecting the builder in template.


  • Roll back toctree fix in 0.2.1 (#367). This didn’t fix the issue and introduced another bug with toctrees display.


  • Add the rel HTML attribute to the footer links which point to the previous and next pages.

  • Fix toctree issue caused by Sphinx singlehtml builder (#367)


  • Adds the comments block after the body block in the template

  • Added “Edit on GitLab” support

  • Many bug fixes



This is a pre-release version

  • Removes Sphinx dependency

  • Fixes hamburger on mobile display

  • Adds a body_begin block to the template

  • Added prev_next_buttons_location


  • Intermittent scrollbar visibility bug fixed. This change introduces a backwards incompatible change to the theme’s layout HTML. This should only be a problem for derivative themes that have overridden styling of nav elements using direct descendant selectors. See #215 for more information.

  • Safari overscroll bug fixed

  • Version added to the nav header

  • Revision id was added to the documentation footer if you are using RTD

  • An extra block, extrafooter was added to allow extra content in the document footer block

  • Fixed modernizr URL

  • Small display style changes on code blocks, figure captions, and nav elements


  • Start keeping changelog :)

  • Support for third and fourth level headers in the sidebar

  • Add support for Sphinx 1.3

  • Add sidebar headers for :caption: in Sphinx toctree

  • Clean up sidebar scrolling behavior so it never scrolls out of view