New Features


  • Fix scrolling to active item in sidebar on load (#214)
  • Style caption link for code and literal blocks
  • Fix inconsistent font size and line height for autodoc “raises” and “returns” (#267)

Other Changes


Date:Oct 5, 2018

New Features


  • Set base font size on <html> (#668)
  • Fix HTML search not working with Sphinx-1.8 (#672)

Other Changes

  • Upload signed packages to PyPI with twine (#651)
  • Do not enforce period at the end of copyright statement (666)


Date:July 27, 2018

New Features


  • Line height adjustments for Liberation Mono (#656)

Other Changes

  • Add Sphinx as a dependency


This version made some changes to how JS and CSS were included when the theme is used on Read the Docs.

New Features


  • Do not rely on for CSS/JS (#614)
  • Color accessibility improvements on the left navigation

Other Changes

  • Write theme version and build date at top of JavaScript and CSS
  • Changed code and literals to use a native font stack (#612)
  • Fix small styling issues



  • Revert part of #576 causing display issues with version selector menu
  • Backwards compatibility fixes for pre-0.3.0 releases (#623)
  • Fix mkdocs version selector (#622)
  • Add open list spacing (#591)
  • Fix table centering (#599)


Note: this version resulted in some JavaScript incompatibilities when used on

New Features

  • Add html language attribute
  • Allow setting ‘rel’ and ‘title’ attributes for stylesheets (#551)
  • Add option to style external links
  • Add github, gitlab, bitbucket page arguments option
  • Add pygments support
  • Add setuptools entry point allowing to use sphinx_rtd_theme as Sphinx html_theme directly.
  • Add language to the JS output variable


  • Fix some HTML warnings and errors
  • Fix many styling issues
  • Fix many sidebar glitches
  • Fix line number spacing to align with the code lines
  • Hide Edit links on auto created pages
  • Include missing font files with the theme

Other Changes

  • Significant improvement of our documentation
  • Compress our Javascript files
  • Updated dependencies


  • Yet another patch to deal with extra builders outside Spinx, such as the singlehtml builders from the Read the Docs Sphinx extension


  • Temporarily patch Sphinx issue with singlehtml builder by inspecting the builder in template.


  • Roll back toctree fix in 0.2.1 (#367). This didn’t fix the issue and introduced another bug with toctrees display.


  • Add the rel HTML attribute to the footer links which point to the previous and next pages.
  • Fix toctree issue caused by Sphinx singlehtml builder (#367)


  • Adds the comments block after the body block in the template
  • Added “Edit on GitLab” support
  • Many bug fixes



This is a pre-release version

  • Removes Sphinx dependency
  • Fixes hamburger on mobile display
  • Adds a body_begin block to the template
  • Added prev_next_buttons_location


  • Intermittent scrollbar visibility bug fixed. This change introduces a backwards incompatible change to the theme’s layout HTML. This should only be a problem for derivative themes that have overridden styling of nav elements using direct descendant selectors. See #215 for more information.
  • Safari overscroll bug fixed
  • Version added to the nav header
  • Revision id was added to the documentation footer if you are using RTD
  • An extra block, extrafooter was added to allow extra content in the document footer block
  • Fixed modernizr URL
  • Small display style changes on code blocks, figure captions, and nav elements


  • Start keeping changelog :)
  • Support for third and fourth level headers in the sidebar
  • Add support for Sphinx 1.3
  • Add sidebar headers for :caption: in Sphinx toctree
  • Clean up sidebar scrolling behavior so it never scrolls out of view